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G8 Summit

Seeking furnishings and decoration from strong English brands that showcase the very best in British design and fabrication techniques, the G8 organisers selected the Chesterfield Workshop to supply six handmade Derby Chesterfield sofas.

As the bottoms of the world’s greatest economic powers were to grace our sofas, our company underwent stringent security checks and the quality of our items scrutinised to ensure that they demonstrated the very highest standards of quality.

Due to the success of this project we continue to maintain a strong relationship with this organisation and have secured deals to provide further items of high quality handmade sofas and chairs in the future.

Furniture Styles Produced for the G8 Summit

G8 Summit

Derby Chesterfield Sofa

Our most popular stock item, the Derby sofa features an original sprung seat base, single button border and standard scroll arms.

derby chesterfield sofas